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The Best
and Most Authentic Merida Experience!



Authentic Yucatan Tours (AYT) specializes in individual and small group tours throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. The founders of AYT are both born and raised here in Merida, and saw a need to provide authentic tours to experience the Yucatan that they know and love. So, it is our mission to offer our guests the opportunity to experience the Yucatan from a “local’s” perspective. AYT is also different that other companies here because we cooperate with many village artisans around Merida.


By implementing 'Fair Market' practices, our special complimentary amenities we offer to our guests on every tour helps support the people and their villages directly. So you are not just booking a are helping the economy of these small villages.

You will join our tour as a guest, but it is our hope you feel as family when your tour ends.


We also offer customized tours for our guests’ needs while they are here in the Yucatan. Whether you are here for a day, week, or a resident who wants to explore our Yucatan, AYT has qualified and trusted guides and experience providers to suit your needs. If you are interested in an customized tour contact our office for details.


One of our founders (Milo) was born and raised in Merida, Yucatan, and, as with most Yucatecans, have family and connections throughout the Yucatan. Spending 11 years between the River Maya and Cancun working in public relations for a major American hotel, and a full service resort company where he was also given the opportunity to train in Dallas, Texas. Through that work he has accumulated a strong knowledge of the industry, and can converse easily both in Spanish and English.


Our other founder’s background is in the Yucatan's food and beverage industry. She worked with one of Mexico's premier tequila companies and has owned her own restaurant business. Since we will be offering a complimentary continental breakfast with each tour, you will be able to see how she can put a Yucatan twist to this popular offering.


It will be their pleasure to accommodate you in, “an experience of a lifetime”.


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