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Yucatan Hammock Tour

A tour to witness the art of making hammocks!

This village tour will give you the opportunity to not only witness how hammocks are made, but you are actually able to give it a try for yourself if you want to. The restaurant we are
taking you to is a famous authentic Pibil restaurant where you will witness the removing of the Pibil from the ground and the master chef will give you a taste directly from the cooking pan
once it has been exhumed. You will have any choice from the restaurant’s menu and will also receive one cocktail or beer as part of the meal. As with all the small villages here in the
Yucatan, there is a charming church right in the city center where picture taking is a must do!


It’s also fun to take a picture in the Centro en Centro gazebo. As with all our village tours, you will then be whisked to a nearby cenote where you can enjoy the cool refreshing azure waters of this underground phenomenon.

It’s our goal here at Authentic Yucatan Tours to give our clients a chance to experience the locations we take you to, not just show them to you. We strive to make every tour you take with us “An Experience of a Lifetime”.



8am CST – 5pm CST


Centro Colonial La Ermita Calle 66 #654 x 83



Good walking/water resistant shoes, towel(s) & swim suit(s).

Be sure review Tour Booking Requirements as well.

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